Increasing your home's value

increase your value

curb appeal

It is estimated that more than 50% of homes are sold before the buyers even get out of their cars. Stand across the street from your house and review the curb appeal. 

  • Mow and water lawns 
  • Seed bare spots in lawn
  • Sweep walkways 
  • Remove toys and pick up any litter 
  • Prune shrubs, weed flowerbeds and rake leaves 
  • Repair any broken fences, planters, trellises or walls 
  • Plant shrubs or install fencing to block unpleasant views 

increase your value

exterior maintenance

A well maintained home on the outside gives the buyer the initial impression that the home is well maintained on the inside as well. 

  • Paint or varnish doors, polish door hardwood 
  • Paint or replace street numbers on house 
  • Clean/wash siding, windows, screens, AC unit and pool
  • Repair or paint siding, trim, gutters, shutters, glazing and window frames 
  • Clean oil stains from driveway and garage 
  • Make sure all lighting is working 
  • Repair leaky faucets; deodorize septic tank 
  • Straighten woodpile; clean around trashcans 

increase your value

garages, carports, and sheds

  • Keep areas clean and uncluttered 
  • Replace burned out lights 
  • Clear away cobwebs 
  • Remove oil stains from floors 
  • Lubricate, adjust or repair garage door 
  • Organize and put away tools 

increase your value

interior maintenance

On the inside, remove as much clutter as possible. Hire professionals to do a deep cleaning. Cleanliness is a sign to buyers that the home has been well cared for.

  • Clean and vacuum carpets 
  • Replace worn carpet; use area rugs where needed 
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint 
  • Wash curtains and draperies 
  • Lubricate window slides; make sure doors close smoothly 
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures 
  • Clean and organize closets and cabinets 
  • Check for cobwebs in all corners

increase your value

Kitchen and bathrooms

Overall, kitchens and bathrooms should be spotless. These two rooms alone can sell a home. Cabinets should be neat and organized. Neutralize odors and clean all mold and mildew. 

  • Clean all appliances inside and out
  • Replace all light bulbs 
  • Clean floors and light fixtures 
  • Deodorize disposal, dishwasher and refrigerator; repair leaky faucets 
  • Test all electrical outlets 
  • Unclutter kitchen counters and cabinets 
  • Clean shower door or replace curtain 
  • Put out fresh towels on towel racks 
  • Remove soap residue and lime deposits from sink, shower, and bathtub 
  • Make sure toilets flush properly 

increase your value

create atmosphere

  • Turn on all lights; open drapes 
  • Light candles and put out fresh flowers 
  • Play quiet background music 
  • Be absent during showings and keep pets outside 
  • Turn on air conditioner or heater 

prepping your home

repairs and warranties

  • Get estimates from a reliable repair person on items that need to be replaced soon, such as room or worn carpeting 
  • Have a termite inspection to prove to potential buyers that property is not infested 
  • Get a pre-sale home inspection so you’ll be able to make repairs before potential buyers spot the problem and develop negative feelings 
  • Gather warranties and guarantees on the furnace, appliances, and other items that will remain with the house
  • Fill out a disclosure form provided by your Broker – take the time to be sure that you don’t forget problems, however minor that might create liability for you after the sale